3d Printing & Technology in the design process I grew up in a traditional shop environment but started working with CAD software and Rapid prototyping in 1999. Since then i have had the opportunity to work with all types of software and machines from the more recent, inexpensive, consumer level equipment  to high precision machines that cost more than your favorite luxury car. I have taught some of these processes at  Pratt Institute and NJIT and worked as a consultant with businesses and schools to source and assemble  new shops, studios and maker spaces on budgets ranging from $2,500 to $500,000. I use these technologies in my design process everyday but when I am not busy with client work i like to exploit my access to these processes to make monsters.

Who's more Awesome?


Awesometron Detail

Awesometron 3d model

Concept By Tamara Petrosino
Concept By Tamara Petrosino

Jr. Scoop

Jr. Scoop

Jr. Scoop 3d model

Jr. Scoop 3d Printed master


3d printed creepy bits

Creepy hand

Guttstep 3d printed monster

Hungry Hungry Hordak 3d printed monster

Hungry Hungry Hordak mini figure

The Ice Creep 3d printed monster

gold skull

3d printed Crepundia Felis Monogramus


Milo Goes To The 3rd Dimension


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