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ICE SCREAM MAN started as a simple digital sketch while trying to learn a new workflow that would allow transition back and forth from a traditional CAD package and a more sculptural modeling program. The concept was fun and the form came together well so i shared a few images on social media. The response to those images was overwhelming and motivated me to produce the sculpture as a collectible product. Rather than take a typical approach and source the project from a contract manufacturer i decided i wanted to set up my own production line. I purchased some antique molding machinery which i refurbished and retro fitted with a system that would allow them to run more modern materials than they were originally designed for. This project led to the launch of my own small "art toy" company, designing and producing collectible sculptures. The Ice Cream Man was nominated for and won "best self produced toy"  at the 2012  Designer Toy Awards.


The development process of The Ice Scream Man is documented here on Instructables with nearly a quarter million views.

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