J.W. Pet Dog Toys durring my 10 years with J.W. Pet Company the dog toy category occupied more of my time than any other  and was  where i had my greatest successes. I regularly traveld to visit our manufacturing partners in the U.S. and Asia to manage our supply chain as well as educate on new processes. I personally designed much of the line and hold dozens of patents in the category. As V.P. of product development I oversaw the design of 100's of toys by my team. My designs have won best new Dog Product at Global pet expo 3 times and recieved many other awards and accolades.

Arachnoid Ball

Winning the awards

Cuz Power Panel

Dog toy rack

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Treat Toys

Natural Rubber Toys

Holee Cuz

Intelligent Ideas


Crackle & Crunch

Crackle & Crunch

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