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I don't know man... it's just cool and pretty funny. 



Timeless materials for a modern artifact that only gets cooler with age. The more you carry and use your Helping Hand, the more patina it will earn to record your experiences as it travels with you. Maybe it will become a cherished heirloom that gets passed down for generations or maybe it will end up at a flea market 100 years from now waiting for that next weirdo to come along and say "WHAT THE HELL? WHY WOULD ANYONE? I HAVE TO HAVE IT!" 



-Manufactured by Brutherford in NJ, USA 

-Hand cast Hand, made from lead-free pewter 

-Good for poking stuff that needs a good poke 

-Fits a small BIC lighter, I'm sure you know where to get one since I'm not allowed to mail one to you. 



-The Classic version comes with a leather loopy-doo and a brass hang dangle. 

-The Vegan option offers B&W cord with a little grippy dingus made of space age polymers. 

-also available in LEFT (additional charges may apply... ya big weirdo) 



WARNING: It's heavy, if you're going to daily carry this thing you better tighten your belt, or you'll lose your shorts. 


Brutherford's Helping Hand

  • HEY!!! Read This! 

    These are handmade in a process that I am still refining. Every piece is unique and has slight variations from the casting and cleanup process. I wouldn't ship you anything that I wouldn't carry myself but typically I pride myself on perfect finish and absolute consistency which I am still not able to achieve in this process. In an attempt to embrace the inconsistency, I may also add individual embellishments to some pieces.  just be cool, it's art... man. 



  • Care and Adjustments 

    I tweak each piece before shipping to fit a small BIC lighter and hold it relatively snug. It is not intended for any other brand or size lighter. It is possible that over time your Helping Hand may loosen up and need some adjustment. 

    -The easiest solution is to wrap some tape around your lighter for a snug fit (electrical tape works well). You can wrap near the bottom edge of your lighter and even add a layer or two across the bottom of your lighter if you need to adjust the depth. 

    -If you are mechanically inclined, have a few tools and the ability to be GENTLE you can squeeze the opening of your Helping Hand in a soft jaw vice OR a regular vice as long as you protect the Helping hand from the hard jaws of your tool with cloth or some other soft material. REMEMBER BE GENTLE, squeeze just a little bit at a time and check your fit after every adjustment, don't be too aggressive or you'll squish the opening too much and then you'll just be sad. 

    Your Helping Hand shouldn't need much other maintenance, but you can wash it with soap and water, buff it with a soft wheel and light polishing compound and you can rub a little wax on to prevent tarnishing if you like. 

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